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7 hospitals. People aren't supposed to pat me when I'm working, but I always try to sneak as many neck scratches as I possibly can (I think Dan's onto me, but he lets me get away with it). Dan's clients can't seem to get enough of me – he says everyone who meets me lights up. I'm quite the heart-melter, if I do say so myself. Dan's and my favourite sport is rugby. He plays for the GIO NSW Gladiators Wheelchair Rugby Team, and I'm always by his side at training. He lets me off the leash and I follow his teammates up and down the court like an assistant coach. I help out whenever I can, bringing him things, shutting doors or retrieving dropped items from the floor. " " Charlie's PAWesome Pick: For dogs like me who are constantly on the go, it's important to be at the top of my game at all times and able to maintain the energy levels required to do my job. To ensure your dog isn't missing out on the vital nutrients he needs for energy and overall wellness, look for a boost from a multivitamin chew like PAW by Blackmores Wellness + Vitality- with delicious lean kangaroo meat, antioxidant and superfoods — if they're anything like me, your dog won't even guess that it's good for him! I always do my best, of course, but even I'm not perfect all the time. There were definitely times early on when I think Dan wondered if he'd bitten off more than he could chew. But thanks to his perseverance, the tireless guidance and plenty of kangaroo treats (my favourite!), we're a pretty amazing team these days.

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